Ridiculous Responsiveness

Our goal is to blow away clients not only with how quickly we respond to their questions, needs, and issues, but also how professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic our responses are. Our clients will know they are valued through our commitment to open communication, finding answers and solving problems quickly without sacrificing their quality of care.

Contagious Fun

We take our work seriously but not ourselves. We love what we do, and our joy for helping our clients is contagious. We get the job done, but you can bet we won’t ignore an opportunity to have fun!

Constant Improvement

Each member of our team is passionate about making our systems and processes better.
The marketplace is changing daily, and we want to stay ahead of the curve by constantly asking, “How can we improve?” We realize that complacency stifles growth, and so we reject complacency every day. We know we are good, but our team will always strive to be better.

Work/Life Balance

We find true success in our ability to maintain spiritual, physical, vocational and financial boundaries. What is a healthy work/life balance? We believe it includes finding strength and rest in equilibrium, acknowledging that our lives have many facets without letting stress narrow our focus. Our work is the natural result of the dedication and care we put into all areas of our lives, energizing us to be the best we can.

Solution-side Living

Our team members are problem solvers, always having a solution mentality and not a
victim mentality. We believe in “Yes, and…” responses rather than “Yes, but…” The difference between these two responses is the difference between our success and losing before we’ve even started. We know that our positive outlook is powerful; our mentality influences our actions and our actions become quantifiable results.

Wow-making Excellence

Our goal is to under-promise and over-deliver through each step of the closing process—blowing away our clients with how awesome we are at what we do. We also work to be a thought leader in our industry, creating value-adds and engaging resources to help our partners and even our competitors thrive through emulating our best practices. We desire to work in a way so that our name becomes synonymous with exceptional excellence.

Selfless Servanthood

We believe that we have a higher calling to serve our community and to meet the needs of our neighbors who are on the margins and who may be struggling to thrive. Our desire is for the members of our community to say, “We’ve never seen a business so devoted to serving others!” Our goal is to above and beyond what is merely expected of a title company, finding opportunities to serve that would typically be ignored or go unnoticed. Through our actions, we will demonstrate that human empathy and kindness is integral to our business.

Mutual Respect

We assume the best about one another on our team—respecting and embracing one another’s differences while remaining united in our mission to be the very best at what we do. We refuse to gossip about fellow team members, and we can’t abide silos in our organization. We believe that each team member has intrinsic worth not only to this company but also in the wider world. With this in mind, we strive to treat one another as we would like to be treated ourselves. We’re all in it together!

Over-the-top Customer Care

We want to treat our clients to the very best real estate closing experience they’ve ever had. We will go farther than any other title company to impress our clients with how much we want them to succeed. We know that our clients’ success is also our success, and we will celebrate the journey with them as we work to make their needs a reality.

Big, Big Love

We desire to practice radical inclusivity and acceptance as we deal with clients and partners. We strive to consider the needs and desires of all members of our community and to show love and grace to everyone, without exception.