Home Seller Services

Home Seller Services

Here at Concierge Title Services in Clermont, our educated and experienced professionals are well-versed in the unique laws and requirements that affect the average person when they are interested in selling their home. Many people don’t realize that the legal requirements vary by state, and that there are a couple of hidden steps that can affect the overall outcome. We are here to help.

In Florida, a real estate agent is also called a listing agent because they are responsible for ensuring your home reaches the market. Under contract, they have numerous obligations to you, the seller, including avoiding a deal that only benefits the buyer of the home. Here, we are experienced in walking this line and ensuring you get the best deal possible when trying to sell or relocate.

When you are selling a home, we can also help you determine whether you want to create a Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase or the “AS IS” Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase. These different contracts affect your rights and obligations during the sale. If you’re unaware of what each one means, one of our skilled employees will gladly sit down with you and talk you the process.

Once you decide which contract you want, we can bring up some important topics that will shape the selling process.

These include:

  • Personal Property: If the buyer wants to purchase some large ticket items from you like a pool table
  • Price: The overall price you will sell a home for
  • Financial Contingency: If the buyer needs financing and they signed a contract, they are required to apply in good faith for financing from the bank
  • The Closing Date: Florida typically requires a closing date of 30 days, but extensions are available
  • Title and Survey: Your contract dictates whose job it is to update the title, review objects, and purchase insurance

For more information about the process and our services, feel free to give us a call or make an appointment at 352-241-8629 to see us in our Clermont office.

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