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Our Vision

Core Values
Ridiculous Responsiveness
Over-the-Top Customer Care
Mutual Respect
Selfless Servanthood
Constant Improvement
Work/Life Balance
Solution-Side Living
Wow-Making Excellence
Big, Big Love
Contagious Fun

The journey of Concierge Title began in 2005, under the parent company Merideth Nagel, P.A, in hopes that an attorney-backed title company would be able to serve and protect the local community in ways no other could. After building a legal firm based in selfless service and dedication to her clients, founder Merideth Nagel saw a true need in her community for a title company that didn’t just sell title insurance, but one that was truly passionate about helping clients overcome the legal hurdles that sometimes arise during the real estate closing process.

When someone chooses Concierge Title, they aren’t just choosing a title company that will handle the documentation of their real estate purchase, they’re choosing a company uniquely qualified to identify and solve the numerous title problems that could otherwise leave a deal dead in the water. While it’s true that many sales close without a hitch, it’s also true that legal issues such as title defects, unrecorded liens, zoning restrictions, and more can arise during a title search and complicate a closing.

If there is something that the closing team can’t handle in house, they are experienced enough to tell their clients right away that they need to seek outside legal counsel instead of wasting time with ‘what ifs’. The Merideth Nagel & the Legacy Legal Team is always “down the hall” and ready to help – but they’ll give you outside referrals, too, so you always know you have options.

This team is built on Merideth Nagel’s love of helping others and it is that mindset that has helped her bring together a group of individuals that are passionate about what they do and honored to be a part of their clients’ lives.

The Concierge Title team works hard to get the job done but they do it with a smile, a healthy dash of fun, and their core values always in mind.