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Closing Fee Estimator

Are you looking for a closing fee estimate on a property for yourself or your clients? Our secure closing software, Qualia, offers a quick quote tool for FREE right through our website! Just follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to Use Qualia Quick Quote

  1. Select the little house icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen to open the tool.
  2. Once the tool pops up, select the button on the right-hand side that says “Get Quick Quote”.
  3. Enter the information in the fields (it requires an address, loan amount, and purchase price), then click “Next”.
  4. Select who will be paying for the owner’s policy and then click “Next”.
  5. Select who will be paying for the lender’s policy and then click “Next”.
  6. Select if the Lender is a federal credit union, then click “Next”.
  7. The next screen will take a moment to load but once it does, it will show you a breakdown of fees and costs for the borrower and the seller.

If you have any questions about this tool or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us!