On the day of a house closing, Concierge Title received a suspicious email from our seller requesting we wire all of his proceeds from the sale straight into his bank account. There was nothing overtly strange about this; of course the seller wants to get paid. The only reason we found this email suspicious was because up until this point, the entirety of our communications had been processed in Qualia, our cloud-based closing platform encrypted to protect everyone involved in the sale. Why would our seller be emailing us when he could just contact us through Qualia? When we reached out to the seller he was horrified; his email had been hacked and he had no idea. Thanks to our secure Qualia platform, we didn’t fall for a sophisticated scam.

Concierge Title takes your data and privacy extremely seriously. All the paperwork and sensitive information involved in a house closing requires integrity and care to process. We utilize advanced technological tools like Qualia to protect every step of a house closing, eliminating fear and worry from the closing process. To know more information, contact at Concierge Title Services at 352-241-8629.